Friday, April 27, 2012

Finished site

This is my enter page for our main website with our own animated heart pumping.Made using Final Cut Express. This gives the opening page of my website an individual touch, you wouldn't find this anywhere else. According to some of the audience feedback that I obtained I found that some people found this a bit scary but the majority of people thought it was quite a good idea so I decided to keep it on my website.

This is my get involved page with pictures of our volenteers and information on how to get involved. The Pictures that I used for this page I believe make the page.  They show a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and of all ages.  This is an important factor because  it reinforces the fact that  anyone can get involved and help the good cause.

This is my facts and advice page with our home doctor Dr Wells telling us what she believes will help you lead a healthy heart problem free life. This page is more a what YOU can do to help yourself. I included pictures of fruit and a picture of Dr Wells herself. By having a person of authority on my website I believe it helps to ensure that people understand and believe what I say.

This is my donate page. Our donation box is linked to paypal (link below). Donations are key for charities. in order to make people more interested in donating money to my cause I decided to use the image of a money box as from my audience research I found that pictures are more likely to grab attention of people rather than words.

This is the pay pal website where donations can be made.
This is my contact us page with our contact details, and there is an area provided where people can leave comments and feedback. A page for the audience is essential in my view as it allows them to get more involved with the site as a whole.

This is my where does you money go page which shows people where their money goes. By showing people what their money is doing and how it is helping I believe that it makes people more likely to donate money.

This is my research page showing our latest research
breakthroughs, with some of the countries most
tallented and knowledgable research scientists.

This is the my local shops page with information about
our shops and images of our volenteers and our shop.

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