Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the lesson...

In today’s lesson I took some photographs using the shot list that I prepared earlier. I also looked through the pictures that I took and selected a few that I believed would suit our website the best. I decided to manipulate these images in photoshop to get rid of any imperfections that I saw, this would then enhance the viewers experience whilst on my site. I also decided to make a template for my main pages as i believe that by using my own template I am creating something unique and different to everyone else and also by using the template across my website I increase the uniformity of my site, making it look more professional.
This is what my template looks like. I have the Logo very big taking up the top pf the page this is to ensure that people are able to connect with my website and become familiar with it. It also creates and indivial identity for my website. Below the name I have a search bar which will allow people to come to my website and search for specific quires. This I believe makes my website more user friendly and makes the lives of my target market easier. Below the search bar I have got the navigation bar which again allows people quick accsess to various parts of the website. I have included small images on the navigation bar to keep the consumer interested. 

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