Friday, April 20, 2012

Preliminary Task

As my media as level coursework I have been asked to design and produce a school website using Iweb. The website should consist of 2 pages  with one of these being a linked fully functioning page. For my website I will be using pictures that I have taken and manipulated my self using adobe Photoshop.  I will have to conduct my own research through which I will be able to find out the typical conventions that are used for school websites. I will have to follow these conventions to make my website believable and after I have completed my website I will evaluate it to see how effective I have been.

I will be following the standard conventions of a school website using colours that complement each other and are bright but not too bright. the colors I have chosen to use are light blue and orange i chose these colors as they are not  generally associated with schools which would hopefully mean that people would always remember my website and my school. my school embalm will be in the top left of the page following the normal conventions of a school website. 

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