Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final School Site.

This is the fimal product of my school website I have print screened all 3 pages.

This is the Logo for my school website. I have chosen to use blue and orange as they are the colours I have chosen for my school. I like this as a logo as in my view it is quite a 'fun' logo where as normally you would expect a schools logo to be quite boring.

 This is the main homepage of my school website. I have used vibrant colours and images to grab the attention of the students and parent that visit the school website. The subjects tab is linked to the subjects page below. I believe  that by having the picture as the background it gives the website more of a natural feel as that is what the school looks like so when people enter the site they are met with a familiar site.

 This is the subjects page which cotains all of the different subjects that are available at my school. In my view this page is a relatively easy page to navigate around. you just need to click on which ever link you require and then you will be taken to the page you want.

This is the media page of my website. I believe that i should have arranged the web page better as it all looks cluttered and as its the media page in theory you would expect it to be one of the best pages. I think that some of my photography could be improved, also i think that the frame around the text box makes the site seem a little bit amateur. 

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