Thursday, April 26, 2012

Logo Design

During my research phase I became aware that all of these different sites whether it be school or charity have a logo which gives them an identity. In my view this identity is crutial in drawing the attention of the target market. So in order to give my website an individualistic identity I started firstly for a name, this was an easy task as 'Help a Heart' does exactly what it says on the tin. So it conveys the message about what the site is about to the target market. I then had to pic colours. Two colours that seemed to be very obvious were red and blue this is due to the fact that oxygenated blood is red and deoxygenated blood is said to be blue.

 I used photoshop in order to create my logo. I downloaded a free font from 'dafont' which i thought was appropriate. But instead of simply writing help a heart and moving on i decided to create my identity. By adding blue it stands out a bit more and also by swapping the letter 'E' with a heart I believe makes the site seem more 'light-hearted'. the logo seems fun but at the same time serious, i did this purposely to try and make people more willing to talk about such a touchy subject.                                                  

This is my final Logo design I am very happy with the way it looks on its own. I believe that it looks very welcoming. The colour red is not just simply the colour of blood but it has many different conotations. Red could signfy love lust passion luck and many other emotions so in my view it is an effective colour to use with such an emotionally connecting subject. Blue is also an emotionally connected colour it is often associated with sadness and bad news. This some would say is a negative  input on the website but in my personal view I think that it should be accpeted by everyone that bad things may happen but you are not alone you are surrounded by people filled with the 'red emotions' and that they are around to help.

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