Tuesday, April 24, 2012


In today’s lesson i decided to create a survey that we would send out to a variety of different demographic audiences. I believe that by creating a survey I will then be able to provide a service that people would appreciate. The survey would give me an idea of what kind of information, layout, images and interactive services that my target audience would like to and expect to receive from the website. this is what our survey looked like... 
I have asked a wide variety of question to allow me to make sure that my website is catered especially for my target market. By making a survey i can be sure that i will gain knowledge that will help me build my website. I will be able to connect more with my audience and thus will have a more personal approach.
By including images on the survey I immediately entice the audience. As pictures are more connecting than words are. These pictures also helped me understand how many people actually knew what a healthy heart looked like or what a healthy artery looked like.

The last page of my survey is very important as it gives my target market a chance to put forward ideas that I may have missed out.

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