Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planning Main site

In today’s lesson I started to design the different pages of my website, by designing my website on paper before using iweb to design it allows us to have a blank canvas on which i can let my creativity take place with out the confusion of how to do things on the computer. Whilst designing I decided that it would be best if kept the toolbars and columns the same but just change the content we decided this to give my website a more uniformed look which in turn will make it look more professional.

This is one of my pages that I drew as a template:
This is a very rough sketch that I did in order for me to be able to visualise  what my own website would look like. It dint really give me a great deal of reality but it helped me when i was trying to figure out where i would position various things on my pages. I decided I will create one layout which will be then copied and used for each just edited slightly to fit the requirements for the page however still have the same links thus following the website conventions. I also thought I would use the skills I learnt when creating my preliminary website and decided I will create a enter page using final cut express to show a beating heart to connect with the audience.

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