Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photo shoot & Minor Edits.

In todays lesson i looked at the images that I took previously and began editing them in photoshop using the tools i learnt at the start of the course. Mainly I found i had to straighten the images to ensure they wer 100% straight and crop any unwanted background noise. I then often changed the levels of saturation, hue and brightness as this little change can do alot to a image. With a few of  my images i did have to use the clone tool as i had to fade out the image of the Ravenswood badge on the school boys blazer's.

Here below our my finished edited images that i will use for my website:

 This is an image I took of some school children sitting down enjoying their lunch I believe that this could be an effective tool on my scholl website as it shows that the children are happy and parents sending their children to any school would want to make sure that their children are going to be happy.
 This is a picture of the school canteen here we can see food which looks relatively healthy. Again this would incourage parents to send their children to this school.
 This is a picture of the media department apple mac computers, I have taken these in order to promote the media departments state of the art equipment and as in the picture there is more than one it shows that it can cater for many students.
 PE is a very important lesson to many people due to recent increases in child obesity and other health related illnesses so by using images where the children are active and getting involved it gives parents an idea that their child will be more healthy.

The trophy cabinate is an extremely important picture i believe as it sings the success  of the school and again acts as a sale point for parents. 'If your child comes here he will leave a winner'.

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